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Sessilis - JoyWeed

Herbs By Prema Sitham

11 Health Benefits Of Alternanthera Sessilis

(Joy Weed-Ponnanganni)

The king of greens is called as ‘Alternanthera Sessilis’ or ‘sessile joy weed and dwarf copperleaf’. It is loaded with nutrients and a lot of medicinal benefits and most of them are aware of its medicinal properties. Not only the leaves its roots, stem, flower and extract all contain different medicinal properties. The young leaves contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property. The leaves soothe the wounds and help to subside the acidity level in the body and it is published by research. Here is a list of 11 amazing health benefits of Alternanthera Sessilis (Joy Weed-Ponnanganni) its roots, stem, flower, and extracts if you include in your daily diet.

Health Benefits Of Alternanthera Sessilis

01. Great for Night Blindness

Alternanthera Sessilis has the greatest ability to improve the vision. Persons suffering from night blindness (Nyctalopia) can eat the raw flower of sessilis continuously will feel the difference in their eyesight. It cools down the body, strengthens the eye nerves, strengthens the muscles and improves the vision power and it acts as the best medicine for eye disease.

02. Full Stop Piles

People suffering from piles can make soup with sessilis, garlic, and pepper to make a full stop for the disease condition. 25 gm of sessilis extract mixed with an equal amount of carrot extract along with little salt also helps to cure piles.

03. Increases Hair Growth

An equal amount of sessilis extract and bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata) extract boiled in gingelly oil and allow it to cool down and store it in a container for eye irritation and for hair growth apply this on the hair.

04. It Cures Jaundice

People suffering from jaundice can grind the sessile leaves and extract 20ml boil this with brown sugar and mix it with cow milk and drink for a certain period will help to cure them. The Naturopathic doctors include sessilis in their medicinal formula for curing hepatitis, chest cold, asthma, and liver disease.

05. It Regulates Nervous System

Sessilis will improve the sleep condition too. It can regulate the central nervous system. It cures many nerve-related diseases, improves the memory power, it cools and relaxes the eye and brain.

06. It Cures Infertility

If the sessilis leaves are included in the everyday diet it cures the gonorrhea condition. Men’s infertility can be cured. It gives energy to the diabetic people and helps to maintain the sugar level in the blood.

07. It Prevents Cancer

It mixes with the blood and removes the toxin and prevents us from cancer. It has the potential to kill germs and heals wounds.

08. Irritation during Urination

Extract buttermilk with 2 ltr of buffalo’s milk and mix the roots of sessilis and drink that buttermilk which cures the irritated urination.

09. It Helps Weight Loss


Sessilis with pepper eaten with rice will reduce body weight. For bodyweight gains eat sessilis with cooked dhal and ghee.

10. Reduces Body Heat

An equal amount of sessilis extract with gingelly oil and 20g of licorice, water lily, and cumin seeds all these are ground with cow’s milk and is boiled at low flame and filter it. Apply this filtrate on your hair 4 days once and wash it this therapy will acts as a medicine in reduce the body heat and improves to grow hair, reduce the internal fever, body pain, leg pain, headache, eye irritation, and stomach pain.

11. Improves Health Condition

Alternanthera Sessilis will help to reduce the conditions of the following disease like body heat, eye irritation, knee pain, white discharge, helps to recover from the loss of appetite, liver diseases. The extract and oil from sessilis help to reduce the body heat during the summer season and helps to prevent headaches. Since the sessilis leaves can boost milk production in breastfeeding women, it is used in Thailand.

The therapy based on sessilis will be continued at least for a year to see the good result. If you do it for 2 months and left it you can’t enjoy the health benefits of sessilis leaves.