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Organic Grow Kits’ to Grow your own Hebs and Mints

Steps to Order

a. Select the Herbs/Mint from the list of plants Farm2Hope is currently growing in ‘Eden Garden’

b. Make the payment

c. Farm2Hope will grow the plants based on your selection. This will take about 3-4 weeks for the plants to be ready for you to bring home and it will be ready to harvest

d. We will inform you once the plats are ready for you to collect together with accessories

e. We do provide the option to deliver at your home and assist with the installation for an additional fee.

List of Herbs / Mint to choose from

The Grow Kit comes with 4 planters.

Select the plant and key in the quantity with maximum 4 plants.

a. Indian Borage

b. Common Mint

c. Apple Mint

d. Sweet Basil

e. Thai Basil


Grow Kit price – S$90

a. Self-Collect – S$90

b. Optional ‘Delivery & Installation Charge – $50